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Related article: Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 21:04:25 +0200 From: fleetwood Subject: African adventure 2 (interacial)Wayne dressed and made his way downstairs as he crossed the hallway a deep African voice stop him in his tracks. The boy turned and was confronted by a huge black man, he equalled Alfred in height but was double the driver's build. His huge head was as smooth as a bowling ball and just as black, he had almost no neck and massive shoulders that slopped into a barrel of a chest and a solid square torso that met broad hips and legs as big as tree trunks. The man stood almost 7 ft. tall and his broad typical African features split into a broad grin, drawing his thick lips that were crowned by a thick bushy moustache and displaying"10 qbig brilliant white teeth. "May I be of assistance? If you are looking for your father and Mr Knight they are in the drawing room but I have been instructed to show you to the patio and serve you refreshment. Please follow me." Said the mountain of ebony as he turned and led the off in the opposite direction. Wayne followed with his eyes locked onto the twin mounds of bubble butt covered by tightly stretched white fabric, he thought Alfred had a luscious butt only this man beat him hands down. "My name is Devon and I've been assigned to you as your man servant, your wish is my command, to quote my employer "you are to go without nothing, anything you want I have to fetch, arrange or buy" as your father shall be tied up for the next few days. Now what would you like to drink?" Inquired Devon as he stepped onto the patio that was surrounded by potted palm trees and exotic plants. " I would like some fruit juice, please. Do you know whether my father will be having dinner with me or not?" Inquired the 14yr old white boy, brushing at a stray blonde curl on his forehead and blinking his big blue eyes seductively. The huge black man caught the seduction and smiled openly as he turned and walked to the small wet bar situated against the wall. The boy seated himself and as Devon approached he turned his head and noted the generous bulge nestled at the big man's groin. His teenage cock twitched and he instinctively dropped his hand to rub it and the action was duly noted I the huge African. Devon handed Wayne his fruit juice and inquired as to whether there would be anything else he could do. "What time his dinner and what is for dinner?" Answered the boy as he hastily removed his hand only to expose a growing bulge. The ebony giant's eyes locked onto the bulge in the boy's crotch and reaching down and he grasped his ample bulge and squeezed twice before releasing himself. "Dinner is where and when you want and what ever you want." Answered Devon as he unconsciously licked his thick brown lips and reaching up he tugged on his bushy moustache as the ample bulge increased in size. Wayne immediately noticed the increased bulge and smiled openly as he answered, "how about steak done medium\rare with two eggs and chips followed by chocolate mousse and whipped cream." "Excuse me while I inform the chef and what time would you like to eat? Inquired Devon with an impish grin. Wayne immediately picked up the connotations and grinning back just as impishly he stated 7.30 would be suitable then he past a statement almost to himself, "I enjoy my meat and chocolate together." The huge ebony man grinned openly and knowingly as a acknowledged the subtle suggestion and once again squeezed his crotch, causing it to bulge even more. Eventually the petite white boy stared openly at the bulging mound between the solid muscular thighs. "So Devon! You obviously like boys and judging by that bulge in your pants you need some release, so let's retire to my room and indulge in some fun, are you interested? Asked Wayne as he stood exposing the thick tube shape pointing towards his left hip. The big black man grinned openly and hungrily as he nodded his head vigorously in enthusiasm and bowing slightly he gestured towards the door leading to the staircase and the young white boy returned the bow and led the way out of the patio and up the staircase. Once in the room Devon wasted no time in unbuttoning his white tunic and as he unbuttoned so his huge ebony chest appeared and a carpet of crisp curly black hair appeared. He opened his tunic and revealed a muscle bound body with large navy blue, bullet like nipples that stood erect from excitement. He reached for his buckle and quickly unfastened it and yanked it down. He kicked off his shoes and dropped his trousers, to reveal his white jockey unpants which were strained with the huge bulk it held. He hooked his thumbs into the elastic and drew down slowly and a bush of crisp curly black pubic hair emerged and as the elastic lowered so the broad base of a thick pitch black cock began to appear. The white boy gasped aloud as he noted the thick broad base of a monstrous cock appear. He thought Alfred had been well endowed but Devon surpassed him greatly as he slowly revealed his monstrous cock. Devon dragged his jockey unpants down his thighs and slowly revealed his 11" of thick cock and as his unpants cleared his cock it leapt up and slapped his abdomen with a resounding slap. "WOW!That's one huge cock you have there! Holy shit! Exclaimed the young 14 year old as he stripped his clothes and presented his thick throbbing 7" cock. "Your manhood is big for a boy your age, mine was similar at your age." Stated the huge black man as he reached for the throbbing white cock. Wayne groaned aloud as the huge black hand encircled his cock and Devon began to wank it slowly as he gently squeezed. The boy wasted no time in grasping the huge black cock with both hands and drawing the heavy foreskin back until the skin was stretched taunt and the thick ebony cock throbed between is white hands. He then lent forwards and licked the Preteen Nudism huge purple cockhead causing the huge black man to groan out Preteen Nudism loud. The groan encountered the boy and as he opened his mouth as wide as he could he began to cram the huge cockhead into his mouth as he licked to lubricant it for easy access. Once the huge cockhead was embedded in his mouth he swirled his tongue around the predominant ridge and after encircling it he drilled his tongue into the puffy slit, savouring the precum that poured into his mouth. He then searched with the tip of his tongue and finding the spot where the nerves were most sensitive just beneath the cockhead in the groove and expertly drilled and caressed it causing Devon to cry out and thrust his hips in an attempt to bury his weapon. Had the boy not been holding the huge throbbing shaft it would have been thrust down his throat. He held on and wanked the thick shaft as he suctioned onto the huge cockhead and licked vigorously. Devon was wanking the boy's cock harder and he increased his tempo the more excited he became until his hand was moving rapidly up an down the throbbing white shaft. The boy groaned and the vibrations reverberated through the huge black cock and Devon cried out and threw his head back as he babbled excitedly in French. Placing one huge hand behind the boy's head the huge black man began to gyrate his hips in a circular motion inching his huge cock into the boy's mouth until he had a good 4" embedded in the boy's mouth and it was stretched to the limit around the thick throbbing ebony shaft. Wayne released a hand from the shaft and reaching between the huge muscular thighs he hefted the huge balls and began to gently massage and tug on them. "Oh yeah! For a young one you are very experienced and I am very happy to have you to myself for the next few days." Groaned Devon in pure ecstasy. "Mmmhhh!" Mumbled Wayne with his mouth full of cock and his hand full of extra big balls which he proceeded to gently squeeze, producing another groan from Devon. Eventually Devon felt his climax building and he quickly eased Wayne off his huge throbbing cock, panting as though he had run a mile. He bent down scooped the boy up and carried him as the he were a baby over to the where he lay down and positioned the boy over himself, head to toe. He opened his mouth and swallowed as the boy's cock glided down to the hilt and he worked his throat muscles like velvet fingers around the throbbing shaft and now it was Wayne who cried out aloud. The boy pumped his hips and gyrated them enthusiastically as his cock experienced sensations like nothing before. He in turn sucked and bobbed his head on the huge throbbing ebony fuck stick as he wanked and massaged the huge cock and bull balls. The 2 groaned together and that caused them to groan again and again as it reverberated through a cocks simultaneously. "I'm very close and I'm going to shoot my seed any minute!" Groaned Devon as he released Wayne's cock from his throat momentarily then he opened his mouth and plunged it back down his throat and buried his nose into the boy's pubic hair. "Oh yeah! Me to! Groaned Wayne as he crammed the huge throbbing black cock back into his mouth and increased his sucking. The 2 of them worked each other faster and faster until they almost simultaneously reached their climaxes together and Devon lifted Wayne's hips so that just the cockhead and about 2 inches of cock rested in is sucking mouth and he caught the many jets of cum as they erupted from the throbbing white cock. The boy groaned hard which topped the big black man into his orgasm and the boy caught the copious amounts of hot Preteen Nudism thick cum and swallowed every drop as he sucked harder to extract every last drop. Exhausted they lay side by side, fighting to regained their breathing. Wayne recovered quickly and before Devon knew what had hit him the boy had sat up reached over and latched onto the huge bullet shaped navy blue nipple nearest to him and was sucking and nibbling in earnest. He reached down and after running his fingers through the thick bush of pubic hair, he grasped the flaccid black cock and begin fondling it. Devon groaned as he felt his body respond to this insatiable white boy, he spread his huge muscular thighs widely to give the boy full access to his thickening black weapon. Wayne switched to the other nipple and continued sucking vigorously while Devon reached for his neglected nipple had squeezing it between thumb and forefinger he pulled, thus heightened the sensations running from his nipples to his semi erect cock. The boy worked his way slowly down the huge ebony torso, licking and nibbling as he went downwards towards the huge black cock. Once there he sucked on the foreskin of the semi erect cock, forcing his tongue between the skin and swirling it around the swelling cockhead. He hefted the over sized balls in his small hand and squeezing the scrotum he forced them down until the skin was stretched taunt and they were outlined starkly. He then proceeded to suck one huge ball into his mouth where he nursed and sucked then moved on to the other. All the while Devon was throwing his head from side to side and groaning in pure ecstasy. No woman had ever treated his monstrous genitals to such passionate attention. While the huge black man was contemplating this he suddenly felt his huge muscular legs being parted further and pushed upwards. He took the hint and lifted his legs while splaying them widely. Wayne wasted no time in moving down from the huge balls and licking the raised ridge running from beneath the scrotum to the pitch black puckered rossette that was Devon's butt-hole. His small pink tongue lapped across it and circled around it until it relaxed and the big black man groaned. "Oh sweet mercy! Don't stop!!" Encouraged Wayne then pointed his tongue and quickly drilled it into the centre of the rossette and before Devon had time to react the boy had his tongue as far into the tight black hole as it could reach and wasting no time he swirled it clockwise and anti clockwise while he sucked on the perimeter. The huge black man growled a deep guttural sound as he grabbed the back of his knees and yanked his legs upwards and backwards, he then pushed downwards as though he were going to take a dump and his butt-hole opened like a flower allowing the boy complete access which he quickly monopolised and slipped Preteen Nudism 2 fingers into the gaping butt-hole, which he then proceeded to stretch and manipulate the butt-hole even further. Nobody had ever touched Devon's butt-hole except his mother when he was a small baby and himself of course and now the incredible sensations flooding his being from his manipulated butt-hole were something he had never experienced but was instantly hooked and couldn't get enough, he wanted more and more and more. His cock was rock hard, infact he had never experienced an erection like this. The veins stood up starkly and the girth of his monstrous cock was thicker than he had ever experienced and precum poured from his purple cockhead like a small faucet. Precum pooled on his muscular stomach in puddles and ran down his sides, he reached around and grasped the young white boy behind the head and forced his face into his huge black butt roughly. Pure animal lust had taken charge of this huge black warrior and it demanded pleasure and nothing was stopping it. Preteen Nudism Wayne struggled to breathe but he instinctively knew he should continue working this big black man's butt-hole or he could get hurt but he knew it would be unintentionally down because he was familiar with lust. He quickly plunged 2 more fingers into the black man and begin moving them about rapidly as he licked the perimeter of the stretched butt-hole. This proved to satisfy Devon as he released the boy's head and grasped his knee again. Wayne then crouched up onto his knees and with his free hand he spat saliva into his palm and as he grasped his hard throbbing thick 7" cock and lubricating it he pressed it against his palm that was buried half-way into the spasming black butt-hole and as he cupped his hand, he slowly eased his cock inwards. The big black man had absolutely no idea what was going on with his ass as the boy had almost 4" of cock buried in the virgin butt-hole. Then he slowly begin to thrust backwards and forwards as he eased his hand out and the butt-hole closed around his throbbing rock hard cock. Before Devon realised what was happening to him the boy was in a steady rythme although he wasn't deep he was in and he began to slowly gyrate his hips. "FUCKING HELL! YOU'RE FUCKING ME! OH YES! DON'T STOP! Preteen Nudism FUCK ME! FUCK ME PLEEAASSSE! Sobbed the huge black man as he reached for the white boy and grasping his small white butt he pulled the kid into himself. Wayne went with the flow he had no option against the animal strength of this lust crazed black man and he thrust his cock into the virgin butt-hole to the hilt and ground his pelvis against the huge black muscular butt cheeks. Devon cried out as the thick white fuck stick grazed his postrate and ass the boy gyrated his hips so his postrate was stimulated causing him to leap into a white hot orgasm like none he'd ever experienced in his 30 years and as hot white cum erupted from his monstrous throbbing cock the boy began fucking his ass in long hard strokes that threw him into another orgasm, unbelievably stronger than the first and again cum flew in hot white jets across his abdomen and hit him in the face and chest. Devon slowly resurfaced from a haze and instantly his body was gripped in lust as he felt the boy fucking his virgin butt-hole and grunting with the effort he was putting into it. Devon lifted his head and looked between his grasped knees and slowly the picture formulated into his foggy brain. The young white boy was thrusting into him and he had doubled forwards and had his huge thick black cock buried 4" into his small petite white mouth and as he fucked so he matched it with his sucking. The sight caused Devon to cry out in his native tongue as he thrust and gyrated in rythme with the boy. Riding out each sensation to its ultimate end and quickly catching and riding the next and the next. Wayne felt his climax building and lifting his eyes he made contact with the writhing black giant beneath him and about uttering one word they both worked out each others bodies, thus racing towards their mutual orgasm together and as they peaked it was at the precise second and together they abandoned their bodies and meshed their souls together and climaxed simultaneously. Devon shot so much cum that it gushed from the boy's mouth and nose, the boy erupted into the very depths of the big black man's bowels as he ground his pelvic bone against the black man's butt-hole. They collapsed into a heap on the bed and cum flew everywhere as Devon's cock slipped from Wayne's mouth but he hung on to the boy making sure they never broke contact and they fell asleep with the boy still buried to the hilt in the enormous black man. Wayne awakened with someone shaking his shoulder and as he opened his eyes he was greeted by Alfred standing stark naked beside the bed with Devon attached to his big thick black cock by the mouth. It took a moment for the white boy to register what was going on and before he got an explanation he fathomed out that Alfred had arrived for his romp and found Wayne with his cock still embedded in Devon's big muscular butt. From there Alfred explained that Devon had awakened and without a second thought he had reached for Alfred's hard throbbing cock and Alfred had been only to pleased to allow him full access. While Devon was sucking his cock Alfred had awakened Wayne. Wayne stretched and reaching out grasping Devon's rock hard throbbing 11" and began wanking him slowly as Alfred grasped his cock and began wanking the thick 7" white fuck stick. Soon all three were in a daisy chain with Wayne sucking Devon and Devon sucking Alfred who in turn sucked Wayne. After they had been sucking each other for approximately 10 minutes and fingering each other's butt-hole they began to cum amongst muffled groaning and moaning and swallowing of cum. They rested but Wayne's teenage quick recovery soon had his cock hard and he was busy sucking Alfred's cock, trying to coax some life back into it. "Fuck me! Please fuck me Wayne!" Groaned Alfred as he pushed his butt-hole down onto the boy's inserted fingers. Wayne rolled onto his back and by pressing the base of his thick cock he held it upright and smiled invitingly at Alfred who quickly took the hint and straddled the white boy. He quickly lubricated the white fuck stick and his butt-hole and then he lowered himself onto it and without to much ceremony he had the white cock embedded in himself. Alfred began gyrating and moving up and down while Wayne thrust upwards. Preteen Nudism Devon watched with lust glazed eyes as he wanked his throbbing 11" with both hands. Wayne handed Devon the lubricant and instructed him to insert his finger up Alfred next to his thrusting cock. Devon obliged and as his thick finger penetrated Alfred, Alfred groaned and began babbling in French. After a while Alfred instructed Devon to insert another which Devon did. Again Alfred went into a lust frenzy and began thrusting down and back harder and harder. "Devon! Slide your cock slowly up mine and enter Alfred BUT you must go very, very slowly. Alfred are you gain? Instructed the boy with a query. "Yes! Oh yes! Whimpered Alfred as he threw his head around in a lust frenzy. Devon positioned himself behind Alfred and very, very slowly he enter Alfred, stretching him to the limit. Wayne kept still, watching Alfred's face as he grimaced, contouring his face and breathing deeply. "Aaagh!" Groaned both black men in unison. "I'm in! Oh fucking hell! Oh yes!" Groaned Devon as he leaned back and surveyed his cock in the same hole as his little white boy's. "DON'T MOVE!" Commanded Wayne, "at least until Alfred gives us the word." After what seemed ages Alfred tentatively moved his hips, gritted his teeth and moved again slowly until his grimace turned to a smile and he nodded. Devon pushed another inch into Alfred and Wayne slowly drew his cock down. Together they pushed upwards and a steady pace until Devon and 6" embedded and Alfred said whoa. "Right Devon keep still and I do the fucking which will rub my cock against yours and hit Alfred's hot spot." Instructed the young white boy and the 2 huge black men nodded obediently. The boy proceeded to thrust had gyrate which brought groans, moans and deep sighs from both black men. They began urging the boy to quicken his pace, which he did and before long Alfred was moving as his postrate was stimulated. Wayne was grunting with the effort and Devon was babbling in French while Alfred demanded more cock. Devon slowly entered another 2" which pushed everyone over the edge together and in such raw lust things happened. Wayne thrust his cock to the hilt as his orgasm erupted, Alfred pushed downwards as he furiously wanked himself into an explosive orgasm and Devon beyond control, thrust his cock to the hilt as he exploded. Lust masked any pain Alfred felt but he sure felt full and his cock was the biggest, thickest and hardest it had ever been. The three men cried, screamed and groaned their ecstasy in unison. After their passion had subsided and Wayne had quickly withdrawn his throbbing cock, Devon remained a little longer then he to withdrew and together the 2 inquired after Alfred in concern. "My butt-hole feels as though a car has reversed through it! I sure won't be able to sit down to quickly for a week BUT that's the best fucking I have ever experienced." Laughed Alfred as he hobbled to the toilet to expel captured wind and what felt like gallons of cum. Devon and Wayne smiled at each other like kids who had raided the cookie jar and got away with it. They kissed each other passionately as sounds of thunder erupted from the bathroom. "You're sure more of a man than I ever dreamed of. Taking command of that situation and guiding us through it, I can't wait for tomorrow." Said Devon has he gazed lovingly into the boy's pretty face.
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